Launching #werallrefugees


August 8, 2017    

We are proud to present #werallrefugees! An ARMA pro bono initiative for refugees.

In the face of growing xenophobic discourses and entrenched narratives about refugees globally, we are proud to launch #werallrefugees, a non-profit initiative that aims to communicate through the challenge of receiving large numbers of refugees in communities in Europe, North America and elsewhere, and to empower current refugees with past refugee success stories. We launched a series of #werallrefugees online videos to remind us that most of us, and many of the world’s best talents were refugees at some point in history.


Some of the stories on this platform were filmed by our teams globally, at workshops, events, companies, and institutions, where we met people who shared their own stories of refuge and prosperity. We also embed stories that inspire us from around the world.

In this video, we hear the story of Simon whose father had to flee Mainland China to Taiwan as political refugee only to finally leave again to settle himself and his family in Sweden:


Ricarda, whose father had to leave his home twice, first from Russia to Germany, and then from East Germany to West Germany:


Inés is French Palestinian, whose grandparents fled from Palestine in 1948. They went for what they thought would be a vacation, and never came back:


In 2017-2018 #werallrefugees will be rolled out at some of the best Universities in the world, where students will turn into producers and directors of #werallrefugees videos that will shape global discourse on social media.

After successful workshops at the Asian Forum on Global Governance (ORF and Zeit Foundation) #werallrefugees will also be launched in organizations and companies worldwide where employees will get to share their stories of refuge, immigration and settling down in a new place.

Want to run #werallrefugees at your University or at your company? Write to us at We would love to hear from you.

Director: Ariel Margalith
Producers: Leontine Van Luik, Joyce Cai
Camera: Isshiki Mitsuru, Pradeep Kumar
Editor: Isshiki Mitsuru
Website: Hadas Zucker, Norman Li
Community Engagement: Lily Xu, Joey Van Der Weijden