Reach your core audience


June 1, 2016    

We are very proud to announce that ARMA recently launched Media Buying services for our clients! Which means, we are not only able to create professional video campaigns for your business, we can also target the right audiences you have been looking for. This is truly exciting for our clients because we now provide an end-to-end solution for any online marketing campaign.

You might ask a very simple question: Why do I need it?

Well, using algorithmic technology, we create a lot more impact for less $.
After we map your target audience, we can reach any group of people: from a country to a certain neighborhood; people in certain age groups or gender; people with relevant browsing history etc. All to a same purpose: Get you the RIGHT audience.

Here’s some of our video display options, at once innovative and user friendly.

Inline (Top, Mid, Bottom & Mobile):


Video Playlist:

Page Wrap:



We are happy to offer you this new service and happy to learn with you. This means that we share the exact numbers with you regarding every camapign, using a detailed analytics report. This way, we can improve together, create even greater impact and grow together.

If you are interested to learn more about our media buying services, drop us an email at We will be happy to offer you the best solutions for the best prices.