Shanghai Meets Bonaveri

Celebration event for the opening of a new showroom

Bonaveri opened the third showroom in China, as celebration of the opening an event was organized. We were there to capture the best moments! The event took place at the new showroom, which is located in the French Concession area in Shanghai. During the event the press, customers and local designers enjoyed a amazing rooftop view on the street life of Shanghai. Its impossible not to fall in love with Aloof and Noble – the stars of the new Bonaveri mannequin line. It was a pleasure to work with Bonaveri, and take their Italian made starts on a journey around Shanghai in celebration of their new showroom on Ferguson lane. The music track by AM444 and Jay Soul took this surreal director’s cut to new heights, thank you Jay.



  • Client: Bonaveri
  • Producer: Leontine Van Luik
  • Director: Ariel Margalith
  • Camera : Isshiki Mitsuru, Liu Jia
  • Editor: Isshiki Mitsuru
  • Account Manager: Joyce Cai
  • Production assistant: Natalia Ambarnikova
  • Music: ‘Ge Zhong Ren’ by AM44, courtesy of
  • Jay Soul:

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